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TrailerWIN General Overview

An essential introduction to the basic functionalities of TrailerWIN. Whether you’re new to TrailerWIN or an experienced TrailerWIN user, this video provides an invaluable overview of the program.


    How Do I Know Which Version I’m Using?

    In this brief video, we will show you how to determine which version of TrailerWIN you’re using, in addition to other useful information that TrailerWIN can provide.


      Lazy Axles, Wheelbase Modification and Body Fitment

      This is the first full example video of this series. In this video we will show you how to add lazy axles to a vehicle, fit a standard body and modify a vehicle’s wheelbase to obtain optimal weight distribution.


        Tipper Body and Towbar Fitment

        This video details the fundamentals of fitting a tipping body, hydraulic ram and towbar to a vehicle and outlines some practical considerations when doing so.


          Inserting a Text Box

          When finalising a TrailerWIN drawing, it may be necessary to add disclaimers, assumptions or explanatory text before being supplied to clients or your businesses internal stakeholders and this video outlines the basics of doing so.


            Printing a TrailerWIN Drawing

            Printing in TrailerWIN is made easy with this step-by-step guide to the process of printing drawings and data sheets from the main window. Further, we outline some of the key information present in the data sheet.


              Adding a Trailer and Assessing Turning Performance

              The tipper-dog combination is popular in the Australian market and this video outlines the method by which this combination can be developed and assessed in TrailerWIN.


                Installing a Fifth Wheel and Prime Mover Accessories

                In this video we detail the process of constructing a prime mover in TrailerWIN and some handy tricks and tips in doing so, including the addition of some common accessories.


                  Semi Trailers Part 1

                  The versatility of TrailerWIN is emphasised in the first of this multiple part series on semi trailers and the various tools within TrailerWIN that can be used to model and assess related combinations.


                    Semi Trailers Part 2


                      Semi Trailers Part 3


                        CraneWin Demonstration!

                        Gain an insight into the powerful capabilities of the CraneWin module after learning how to install a tray body and a rear mounted crane and extending the wheelbase to optimise weight distribution…


                          Calculating a Turning Circle – Part 1

                          Whether extending an OEM wheelbase or just assessing the turning performance of a vehicle, this video provides the information needed to conduct a simple turning circle calculation.


                            Calculating a Turning Circle – Part 2


                              Adjusting Parameters to Replicate an Older Vehicle

                              Not able to find the exact vehicle you’re looking for in the vast TrailerWin database? Don’t worry! In this video, we show you how to set the physical parameters of any vehicle needed.


                                Positioning a Tanker Body for Ideal Weight Distribution – Part 1

                                Tank position is critical to weight distribution and ensuring that axle limits are complied with. This series outlines the fundamentals of positioning a tanker body.


                                  Positioning a Tanker Body for Ideal Weight Distribution – Part 2


                                    ‘User Options’ Explained

                                    When using TrailerWin knowing how to navigate ‘User Options’ can be very useful. In this video, we run you through some of the key features.


                                      Have you watched all of the above content? Don’t worry! New videos are released regularly. In the meantime, why not keep your skills honed by opening TrailerWIN and putting the content of these training videos into action?