The screen will show images of the calculated chassis frame profile and the sub-frame profile mounted on top of it.

On the left side picture, beams are mounted in each other flexibly. On the right side picture; beams are mounted with shear resisting plates, first so that the mounting is shear resisting, but the plates are not calculated in strength calculation (mounting with many separately plates) and then so that the plate is also calculated in the strength calculation as a part of the beams (in this case the plate must be a continuous plate).

Below the beams you will see the calculations;
Combined beam with flexible mounting – left side
Shear resisting plates – right side

Second moment of area – Ix ( cm4 )
Section modulus – Wx ( cm3 )
Stress (on the subframe) – s ( N/mm2 )
Stress (on the chassis frame) – s ( N/mm2 )
Safety factor static – n stat
Safety factor dynamic – n dyn