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You can trust our qualified engineers to guide you and protect your company.

We've certified more than 25,000 vehicles and have 70 years combined experience!

Transport Certification Services is the PBS and vehicle certification consultancy trusted by professional operators.

  • Ensure your business is protected by partnering with the most trusted certification and engineering consultancy firm in Australia.
  • TCS is committed to industry-leading service, efficiency, and reducing the burden of certification to get vehicles operating sooner.
  • We work alongside our clients from concept to delivery and ensure a consistent and common-sense approach to certification.
  • Phill Hodges, Jarrod Thompson and Vedran Lerman are VASS Signatories for heavy and light commercial vehicles (Vehicle Authorised Signatory Scheme – Vicroads)
  • Phill Hodges & Jarrod Thompson are VSCCS Licensed Certifiers for heavy and light vehciles (Vehicle Safety and Compliance Certification Scheme – NSW Roads and Maritime Services)
  • Phill Hodges is an Approved Person for light vehicles (Transport and Main Roads – Queensland)
  • TCS can issue blue plates and engineering Certificates for all heavy vehicles in all states and territories of Australia and light commercial vehicles in the eastern states of Australia